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The Good Stuff

(2 M/W flex, Comedy) In the near future, when water is too expensive and not public, how far will you go to get a bottle of it.

Adam Meet Eve

(1M, 1W, Comedy) Garden of Eden — what can go wrong? Production in “Ideas in March” Almost Random Theatre London, UK March 6 -7 2015

Objectum Sexuality

There’s love. There’s passion. It’s a chair. And a shrink. [10 Minute]

Children of Cain

The world has heated up.  A terrible plague has wiped out much of the population.  For the remaining population, it is illegal to go outside:  the penalty is death. [Full Length]

The Glasses

A real-estate agent buys a pair of glasses that lets him magically see what his co-workers are really like on the inside, and these revelations open him up to friendship and love. [Full Length]


Love in the ER. [10 Minute]

Meeting Matt Damon

Hilary wants to meet her favorite actor ever and there he is . . . maybe? [10 Minute]

Zombie Speed Dating

A zombie tries to find love [Short]

The Orgasm

Or “How to Fake It Even if You are a Guy” [Short]

Mrs. Winslow

What do you do when the great apartment comes with the previous tenant? [Short]