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Rebecca’s Broken Less than Sign Number Three

10 Minute

(2W, 1M.  Comedy)
Set in the cyberspace-world and speak of Facebook, Rebecca finds out that the boy of her dreams has met another girl and confides it to her friend Megan.  However, when Bill, who is instant messaging them, arrives on the scene, Rebecca discovers perhaps a broken heart can quickly be mended, even in cyberspace.

Production in “Sex, Lies and Social Media,” ALAP at the Hollywood Fringe,Theatre Asylum’s Elephant Studio, Los Angeles, CA.  June 9, 14, 16, 22, 29, 2014.  Directed by Rose Desena.

Production at the “Indie Boots Theatre Festival,” Theatre Wit, Chicago, IL.  May 20 -22, 2013.  Directed by Josh Zagoren.