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The Possethsion

When their daughter gets possessed by a demon, two parents try to figure out which is the worse evil — the demon or their teen daughter. [10 Minute]

Polly Amorous

When Robert shows up on a blind date to meet Polly, little does he know that the date includes Mick, her boyfriend. [10 Minute]


When Maureen visits her friend John because, post-divorce, he’s finally met someone he’s fallen in love with, she’s surprised that it turns out to be a parrot. Or is it? [10 Minute]

Operation Midnight Climax

Based on a true story, a man visiting a brothel becomes part of the CIA’s Cold War mind-altering experiments. [10 Minute]

The Origin Story of Lewis Hackett

Three office workers devise the story of how co-worker Lewis got the promotion. [10 Minute]

Noir for Breakfast

Sam’s breakfast seems to be going noir right in front of his eyes. [10 Minute]

My Robs

Instead of just one, Catherine suddenly has four husbands and it’s not making life any easier. [10 Minute]

The Love Machine

The life (and death) of a relationship in ten minutes. [10 Minute]

The Last Egg

A sperm tries to talk his way into the last egg. [10 Minute]

The Intervention

When Rob visits his parents for Sunday night dinner, little does he know that it’s just an excuse for his intervention. [10 Minute]