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Leaving Lily Bell

Lily Bell is a late 30-something once successful film actress whose career has recently ground to a stop. [One Act]

Wild Geese

After the matriarch of the family’s 300-year old house dies, it’s up to the contentious heirs to come to an agreement as to what to do with the historic house. [Full Length]

1000 Miles

The true and daring escape from slavery by the married couple Ellen and William Craft in 1848. [Full Length]

Mona Lisa

When a government emissary demands that da Vinci do a painting to please the Pope, Leonardo finds himself caught between the city of his birth and the woman he loves. [Full Length]

The Last Days of the Morteville Historical Village and Shoppe

When their benefactor dies, the workers of an historical-recreation village are left trying to figure out how to keep the place going. [Full Length]

The Bridge

When Ava finds her ex-husband homeless on the street, she feels compelled to bring him home where she lives with her new husband. [Full Length]

American Son

When a man comes to Rob claiming to be his real father, Rob discovers that he’s been hidden away by his mother who never told him the truth, and the secrets that come out may ruin an entire family. [Full Length]

The Basket

Finding love over a basket of groceries. [Short]